Medical professionals and medical students in Nova Scotia now have a new way to connect with landlords who provide rentals near healthcare facilities or medical schools in the province. is a specialized platform designed to ease the housing search process for medical trainees and professionals seeking accommodations near their workplaces in both urban and rural locations. On this platform, renters can browse rental listings on the site and create Want Ads detailing their housing needs for landlords to view. To communicate with landlords, renters are required to register on the site and create a free tenant account.

The Investment Property Owners Association of NS (IPOANS), in collaboration with Municipal Affairs and Housing, are promoting an initiative to encourage landlords in Nova Scotia to list their rental units on the platform. As part of this initiative, landlords are offered a complimentary one-year subscription for listings on the site. Landlords do not have to be a member of IPOANS to access this offer.

We just launched to landlords on Friday, February 9th and have already seen several landlords list their vacant units. I’m writing today to kindly request that you help spread the word to landlords, medical employers, and medical professionals in your community. And if you are a landlord – this offer is meant for you.